Shattered Glass Nails

Oh my! I haven’t posted anything for 20 days!?
I’ve been ‘busy’ with many things recently, so writing blog posts have been neglected for a while as you can clearly see.
I haven’t gotten around to write things I wanted to share with you at all yet either! I shall try to do more today. Yes.

I’m going to write about my current nails first.
I enjoyed the previous nails with KIKO’s Candy Canes Nail Lacquer in ‘041’.
The nails lasted for a bit longer than 2 weeks. Honestly though, I was expecting to last longer than that, like for 3 weeks at least. I guess it’s still considered long enough, especially because it’s summer time.
The removing process was rather a nightmare. The glitters didn’t want to come off at all!
When I remove stubborn glitter nail polishes, I take them off the way gel nails are supposed to be removed. Even with this method, this KIKO one was tough.

I hope my current nails wouldn’t be such difficult one to remove.
I remember this kind of nails with little pieces of a cellophane was a big thing a few years ago, which originally started in South Korea. I’m someone who doesn’t follow trends much at all, so I didn’t jump on the bandwagon.
I can’t even recall when I bought this cellophane pieces nail topper by Catrice. I believe it was a part of limited collections, so I’m afraid it’s already discontinued. (Yep, it is. ’50 Glitterazzi’)

I’m still pretty much in the mode for a clear base nail look.
I had this nail topper in mind already. I picked 2 additional nail polishes to put the nail look together.
I used OPI ‘Pedal Faster Suzi!’ and Sinful Colors ‘1106 Cinderella’ to do “cheek nails” here and there.
Have you ever heard of “cheek nails”? I have no idea when it got popular, but it’s a nail art look started in Japan. It’s a very beginner friendly nail art method. Just apply nail polish with a makeup sponge to achieve a blushed cheek like effect. (Well, I didn’t use sponge for this look though. Mainly because I was lazy to grab a makeup sponge.)

I’m very happy with the end result!
If you see my nails up close and personal, then you’ll notice tiny bubbles. They are often inevitable, especially in summer. I don’t mind them with this look however, as they look like as if even the bubbles are part of the nail art look.
I’d recommend choosing for a clear base if you struggle with tiny bubbles occurring in between the layers of the nail polishes. Especially because they tend to appear when you’re almost done with your nails, or even later. Clear base helps those bubbles look like soda pop, so it’s more forgiven.

(As usual, I have no affiliate links in this article. In case you’re wondering.)

Have a wonderful weekend!