Kiko’s Candy Canes Nail Lacquer in ‘041’

Hi! I hope you’re having a nice Sunday!
I’m enjoying a lazy day.

In the last update post, I mentioned that I have a few topics to talk about. But first, let me share my new nails with you. (Since I’ve already posted a picture on my Instagram.)

I really loved the previous marble nails a lot, so I thought that I would try it in a different colors, like more subtle and soft shades. Then, I found this Candy Canes Nail Lacquer by KIKO in my stash.
This one came out in spring 2016 as a part of Candy Nail collection, I believe. The collection had 4 different types of nail polishes like pastel base colors and glitters. I own only 1 of them, which is Candy Canes Nail Lacquer in ‘041 Fun Guarana’.

‘041’ is quite unique in my nail polish collections. It’s a glitter topper, but those glitter particles are mat.  It has micro glitters, small hexagon glitters in hot pink, pink, and pastel orange, medium and large hexagon glitters in pale pink.
I love layering glitter nail polish on a clear base like this, especially in summer. I think it looks very refreshing to look at.

The formula could be a bit better, but I love the color combination of the glitters. The pop of hot pink is very effective in my opinion. It help preventing to be looking too sweet, I think.

I’m afraid this collection isn’t available anymore, since it was a limited collection in 2016.
That’s why I have no link for this Kiko nail polish to provide you.
Instead, I show you the nails I’ve done after I purchased this nail polish back in 2016. How about that?

According to my Pinterest post, I’ve done this nail art in April 2016.
The base colors are ‘Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around’ and ‘Chic from Ears to Tail’ by OPI.

(Disclaimer: The links above are mainly to be able to see the colors and how they look like in their packages in case you’d like to purchase. By placing order through these links, I gain no profit. Some colors are unfortunately discontinued. I did my best to find websites where you can buy when it’s still available, however the colors might be sold out by the time you read this.)

Which nail look do you like more?

Have a great day!