Hi there!
I hope you’re all doing great.

It’s been unbelievably hot in The Netherlands, especially last Friday. Our area reached up to 37 °C. I’ve been living in this country since 2007, but I have never experienced this much of heat before. The moment I stepped outside after work on Friday afternoon, I thought that I was going to evaporate.
I’m very thankful that we got some rain after that, even though it was less than I hoped it would. Still, it’s so much better than nothing! Especially it didn’t rain for such a long time, which is very unusual for Dutch weather.

I understand this heat is pretty much everywhere in the northern hemisphere.
I hope it got better in your country. If it didn’t happen yet, I really hope it would!

Here is the picture I took after nice dinner at a nearby cafe on last Friday.
I thought it would be a getaway from the extreme heat in the cafe while eating there, but it wasn’t. The cafe was as hot as our apartment, if it wasn’t hotter. I sweated like crazy during the dinner.
It was nice to feel the breeze and listen to the sound of water. It helped cooling me down and I felt awesome!

I’m a bit taken a back to realize that I’ve been away from writing a blog post for a while.
Last time when I wrote a blog post was mid June and it was about my nails.
I can happily report that I still have the exact same nails, which is one of the reason why I haven’t gotten anything up here.

The biggest reason of the absence is because I’ve been busy working on a job hunt. (Another main reason would be due to the heat.)
I wrote my resume for the first time in 8, 9 years. That’s how long I have the current job.
I learned how to write a motivation letter, too. Both in English and in Dutch.

At the same time, I’m getting to know myself better.
I’m sure everyone has this moment when you feel like being lost. You don’t know what’s your purpose of your life. You have no idea what you want from your life. Or, you don’t know what to do with your life. You can’t really clearly see your future.
I do feel happy most of the time. I am thankful. However, I’m a bit lost.
I just started a few weeks ago, so I have a lot to work with. I can tell you that I’m excited to know myself deeper!

I’ll get back here with a new blog post soon. I have a few things I’d like to share with you. I just don’t know which one I’d like to write first yet.

Until next time, take care!