Strawberry Jam And Yogurt, Marble Nail Look

Weekend! Yay!
I hope you’re all having a great weekend!
I didn’t plan anything for this weekend, except like usual weekly chores. My boyfriend will be back tomorrow, so that’s exciting! (I have to be honest, but since he had to go back to his country for the 3rd time so far this year, I got used to being alone. I enjoy “me time” a lot more again, which is a good thing!)

Okay, let’s talk about what I did on my nails this time.
I liked the juicy nail look I did last time so much, so I decided to go for a similar color scheme.

The nail art I came up with is this dark fuchsia and white marble look.IMG_20180714_145604-01-01

I don’t even remember when was the last time for me to do marble nails, but it’s definitely one of my favorite nail art looks!IMG_20180714_145712-01-01

The image I had in my mind when I picked nail polishes was yogurt served with strawberry jam on top. (Hmm… I might try blueberry jam version in the near future!)

The nail polishes I used for this nail art are similar to the last one I did.IMG_20180714_144140-01

I have to apologize first for not being able to provide links for these nail polishes though. Except the white, it seems very difficult (or even impossible) to find these nail polishes. I know, it sucks!

I’ll list them up anyway. (From left to right.)
Essie ‘blanc’
•Maybelline ‘265 Wine Shimmer’
Maybelline ’46 Sugar Crystals’ (I layered this one on top of non-marble nails to give a little bit of sparkles.)
•M2M Natural Nail Care Damore Jon ‘833 Hot Girls’ (I used this one for the marble and also for the non-marble nails.)
(I have no idea where you can get this brand in the Netherlands or anywhere, really. I was gifted some of their nail polishes long time ago.)

(Disclaimer: The links above are mainly to be able to see the colors and how they look like in their packages in case you’d like to purchase. By placing order through these links, I gain no profit. Some colors are unfortunately discontinued. I did my best to find websites where you can buy when it’s still available, however the colors might be sold out by the time you read this.)

What I did to get this marble look is simply dabbed a few drops of nail polishes per color on a nail, and then start mixing the colors carefully, gently, but also quickly with a toothpick. (Work on per nail, then proceed to the next nail.)
I’d recommend to add white right before you start swirling the nail polishes, so that you wouldn’t loose the nice crisp intensity of white that much while you’re mixing the colors.
How much you want to move the colors around is totally up to you. Just keep it mind not to mix them too much.

Have a wonderful weekend!