Llama Fever (and My First Time Online Shopping on H&M)

It’s been almost 3 years since my boyfriend and I moved into this apartment.
We got our sofa, and we replaced it with armchairs less than 2 years later because we weren’t fully happy with the one we got. When we were at IKEA and I told him how I was feeling about our sofa. He told me that he was feeling the same! So, we picked our new replacements right away,  and he called his big brother to ask him if he wanted to have our sofa.

Yet, the whole time, I totally neglected the cushions. Mostly because I was happy with them.
I like the right thickness and the softness of the cushion filling. I love the covers.
I just realized that I’d want to change the cover when the season changes, at least twice a year. It’s a small thing but it could change the looks with minimum budget.

I was looking for cushion covers for spring/summer yesterday.
I took a bunch of screen shots so that I could show them to my boyfriend who isn’t back from Poland yet, and choose one together.
Majority of the pictures I shared with him were from H&M.

It was my first time to check H&M’s website to my own surprise. I mean, I did visited their online shop before to check their nail polishes, like for my blog. However, I’ve never really thought about doing online shopping on H&M website.
I wonder why I didn’t do it before. There are so many nice home decor things!

I ordered a few things on H&M.
I made a typo when I was typing my e-mail address, so I had some trouble after replacing my order. Oops!
Thanks to the kind, friendly, and quick help of the customer service, they solved the problem very smoothly.  I’m thankful for that.

I received my package today, and I can say that I’m very satisfied with the products I got!
Everything looked exactly like the pictures I saw on the online shop if not better.

We decided to go for this llama print cushion cover.
The link above is Dutch website, because I live in the Netherlands. I hope the link will take you to your local online shop.

This llama print cushion cover is 100% cotton and it’s just like a canvas. The size is 50 × 50 cm.
Both my pictures and H&M’s looks pretty white (especially H&M’s), but the fabric is actually off white. I like it better that way, so I’m glad though!

While I was browsing through the web shop, I found this mug which is also llama.


It has prints on the both sides! Isn’t this mug cute?
My boyfriend liked the llama cushion cover so much, I thought he would love this mug, too. I ordered only one, but I should have gotten 2!
It’s really well made. It’s not too big, not too small, just a perfect size! It feels nice in hands. It certainly doesn’t look nor feel like only €5!
I got this one for my boyfriend, but I love it so much, so he has to share it with me. Haha!
Or, I might get another one soon again.

I’m more of an alpaca person rather than a llama, so I’m a bit surprised that I placed ordered for llama products. But these llama are super cute, no doubt!

(Disclaimer: The links I provide in this article are just links to lead you to the product pages. I gain no profit even if you place order through this article. So, don’t be shy! Just click away and enjoy some shopping!)

Have a wonderful day!