New to Instagram: what I thought about Instagram before and how it changed

It’s been a week since I’ve started using Instagram. Honestly though, I couldn’t imagine myself to do that before.
Do you want to know why?
I just didn’t have a positive image towards Instagram.

When Instagram became popular, I felt like it was a platform for famous people to show their “different” lives. To share with the world how they are special and blessed to do what they do. The Insta-perfect world of theirs.
That’s why I’ve almost never even checked Instagram.

I have very normal life. I don’t have much to show off at all. I haven’t achieved anything big in my life (yet). I don’t have a great career. In fact, I’ve been thinking about changing a job.
I enjoy spending time on my own although I do love having good time with my close friends. Speaking of which, I don’t have many friends, because I value qualities over quantities. (It would be amazing though, if I could have both just like my father.)
My apartment is smaller than the one I used to live with my ex. I’m divorced. I have no family nor old friends of mine here in the Netherlands. They are all living in Japan.
Yet, here I am. I’m still working and living in this foreign country, even after the divorce. Somehow, leaving here and going back to Japan didn’t occurred to me.

If you see only the surface and focused on the materials, it seems that I have lost many things. It looks like I’ve gone backwards.
Maybe I have.

When I have those difficult blue days, sometimes I compare myself to my friends who have everything I wanted. Great marriage, cute babies/children, beautiful (and big) house, great job and career, tons of friends, amazing vacations…
I felt like less than nothing compare to them. I felt envious and I felt bad for it.

You see? My life isn’t Instagram worthy.

At the same time though, I do know and understand what they share on the social media’s are not entirely true. Just like Instagram offers many effect with filters, what people share are also filtered. We don’t know what’s really going on.
It’s a basic knowledge. Yet, sometimes I can’t help but wonder “How on earth do they achieve that!?”
Let me give you an example. A beauty YouTuber’s Instagram. Or any beauty YouTubers for that matter. (Don’t know anyone? Try Allana Davison or Estée Lalonde to see what I mean.)
How do they take such perfect photos? Who is taking them? (Except the ones you can obviously see they’re selfies.)
They’re unmistakably gorgeous. Their pictures scream luxury.  Not only financially, but also it’s clear that they have time to spare because they don’t belong to a company like most of us do.

Then, why did I start using Instagram? What changed my “negative” image?
The biggest reason is because my friend invited me to Instagram. Yes, I know. What a simple reason, right? But the timing when she introduced it to me was just perfect.
At the beginning of this month, I started to draw (and paint) again. Drawing is one of my hobbies but I have to be in this right state of mind and mood to do it. So, when I’m in the mood, I tend to keep going and draw as much as I want. Then, the period fades away and being without drawing anything at all for months, or even for a year or two.
I took pictures and posted them on my Facebook page. But then, I was thinking maybe if I just wanted to share photos, Instagram might be the best place to do so.
That was when I got the invitation from my friend. I took it as a sign and went for it.

So far, I don’t have many pictures up there yet. Only about 15 as you can see.
How I feel about Instagram has changed definitely for the better after I started using it.
That’s probably because I get to see a new world out there. There are so many incredible artists I’ve never knew before! I can read manga based on their true stories. Some of the artworks with short texts make me laugh.
Instagram wasn’t a place for only people who are having “Insta-perfect life” after all.

Do you use Instagram? Do you like it? Do you enjoy it?

My Instagram is a kind of all over the place because I have many interests, but if you’re curious, you can find mine here: @ayakohayashida.

Thank you for reading this rather long article!


Just in case. My life isn’t that special nor perfect, but I am happy!
I’m pretty good at finding and enjoying the small happiness’s.