Up-cycled denim bag

Today I’d love to share some pictures of a bag I made last week.

I’ve had this pair of jeans for a few years in my closet. I liked the spring/summer appropriate color and how these looked on me. However, the size wasn’t right. The fabric is quite stretchy, so I could squeeze my legs in them. Since the store where I shopped didn’t have my size at that time, I compromised. Which I shouldn’t have done it, because after a month or so, I ended up having another pair in my size (different color).

But hey, I have no regret now!
Instead of throwing them away, I gave them a new purpose.

denim bag 1
I consider this side with a leather label as a front of the bag, simply because I love the look on this side much better. It has more characters, I think.

denim bag 2

denim bag 3
On the inside of the bag, I used my old flannel shirt. It’s also something I kept way too long in my closet.
I reused a chest pocket so I could skip making a pocket from a scratch.

I’ve never done this type of design, but I’m loving it!
It was super fun to make! In fact, I loved it so much and enjoyed every process of it, I’m already working on another denim bag.
I showed these pictures to my mom and she loved the bag. I suggested her to make one for her. She didn’t say no because she is a HUGE bag/purse lover. (By the way, I haven’t really figured out the differences between a purse and a bag. This one is a bag, right?)

It’s about 80% done so far. Due to not owing a sewing machine, it takes more time to finish.
I don’t mind sewing by hand at all though. I always preferred sewing by hand than using a sewing machine actually. (At an elementary school, I insisted on sewing an apron and a knapsack without using a sewing machine. I was afraid of a sewing machine. Haha!)

I’m going to share some pictures of the 2nd bag here when I finish it.
Stay tuned!