Unikko nails

Hi there! I hope you are doing well.
I thought about writing something different, but here I am, writing another article about my nails. I hope you don’t mind!

My current nails (and probably for a month) are Marimekko‘s iconic prints, Unikko inspired nails.
I’ve done Unikko pattern nails long time ago once and I remember loving them!
I bought new nail polishes at H&M recently, so I just wanted to use them badly even though the colors I picked up are not so spring-like. It took me a while to come up with how to work on those rather fall season friendly type of colors.
I’m someone who doesn’t look good at all in brown, orange, warm tones in general. But I do love warm, rich, fall colors. Just like a pair of brown boots and a bag, I can make it work if it’s not an actual clothe. Same things go for nail polishes. I can wear those colors I look rather terrible, too, if they are on the nails.
Anyway, I’m really happy how they turned out! I think they look bright and cheerful.

The colors I used are mainly by H&M. (I have to tell you this, but I don’t like their online shop. It’s not easy to find the colors I’m looking for.)
‘Orenji Koi’ (warm orange) by H&M
‘Toffee Coffee’ (beige/camel) by H&M
‘Cream Saffron’ (mustard yellow) by H&M
‘Bourgogne’ (dark muted red) by H&M
‘Let Me Bayou a Drink’ (pale pinky nude with fine shimmer) by OPI
‘Blanc’ (white) by Essie
‘Licorice’ (black) by Essie

(Disclaimer: The links above are mainly to be able to see the colors and how they look like in their packages in case you’d like to purchase. By placing order through these links, I gain no profit. Some colors are unfortunately discontinued. I did my best to find websites where you can buy when it’s still available, however the colors might be sold out by the time you read this.)

Among these listed colors by H&M, the only one I could find on its online store was ‘Bourgogne’.  However, it was sold out both in US and UK. (The picture/illustration they have doesn’t even look like ‘Bourgogne’…)
I couldn’t find ‘Orenji Koi’ and “Toffee Coffee’ when I was at a store, so I’m afraid they’re discontinued. So sad! Especially because a color like ‘Toffee Coffee’ isn’t so easy to find.
If you’re looking for unique colors like dusty, muted shades, or in-between-colors, H&M is a good place to shop.
The formula is very impressive for such an affordable price. Creamy and well pigmented. It’s very easy to work with.

Oh! By the way, this Unikko pattern is beginner friendly.
It doesn’t need to be perfect.

I hope you like this nail art.
See you next time!