I love this nail art♥

So, I changed my nails after all.
To tell you the truth, the previous nail art with arrow doodles didn’t quite grow on me as much as I thought I would. That’s why I didn’t wait for February to end to change the nail design.

The inspiration for this nail art is a recent find on Pinterest. (Link for the pattern is here!)
Leopard print nail art is one of my favorites to do. It’s very quick, easy, and always looking great!
The gold glitter takes the leopard print to a next level with so little effort. It looks something extra, and that’s what I love about it!

I used;
‘Let Me Bayou a Drink’ (pale pinky nude with fine shimmer) by OPI
‘Toffee Coffee’ (beige/camel) by H&M
’86 Lady Godiva’ (dark chocolate brown) by Essie
’41 Island Hopping’ (dusty mauve pink) by Essie
‘N-055’ (gold glitter) by Marie Claire
(Disclaimer: The links above are mainly to be able to see the colors and how they look like in their packages in case you’d like to purchase. By placing order through these links, I gain no profit. Some colors are unfortunately discontinued. I did my best to find websites where you can buy when it’s still available, however the colors might be sold out by the time you read this.)

I’m so going to do this design over and over in the near future. Then I could paint red instead of the dusty mauve pink or maybe khaki. This leopard print would go well with so many other colors.
I can’t wait to play around with other color combination!

What do you think about this nail art?
I hope you like it, too!