New habit; Stream of Consciousness Journal

Hi there!
Today I’d like to write about my thoughts on Stream of Consciousness Journal.

I’ve been doing it since 30th June 2017 after I watched a YouTube video by Aileen Xu from her YouTube channel Lavendaire. (I’m still new to her channel, but I love her videos! I’m subscribed to her channel and I enjoy listening to her Podcast called  The Lavendaire Lifestyle, too!)

If you’ve never heard about journal writing style of “stream of consciousness”, the best way to understand or at least getting an idea is to watch Aileen’s video. (Here!)
She also has an older video about another way of stream of consciousness writing, which is “Morning Pages”. The Artist’s Way: 25th Anniversary Edition yet, so I don’t know much about “Morning Pages”.
The main difference between “Stream of Consciousness” and “Morning Pages” is that “Stream of Consciousness” has no rule.
If you do “Morning Pages”, you have to write 3 pages every morning.

I’ve tried both ways of writing, but to me, “Stream of Consciousness” works better.
Unlike “Morning Pages”, you can write anytime of the day. (Yay!)
Let’s be honest. Many of us don’t have much time in the morning to sit down and write for 3 pages. If you use an A4 size notebook and try to fill the whole 3 pages, it would take a while.
I wake up early (at 5:20 am) when I go to work. That’s pretty early already, so waking up even earlier just to write for 3 pages isn’t a choice for me.

It has been a little bit longer than a month since I’ve started journaling.
Do I like writing it? Yes. I have to say that some days are tougher to write though.
Do I feel any difference since I started writing it? I wouldn’t say it’s a life changing experience. However, it helps clearing my mind.
It’s amazing to have a journal/notebook where you can write about anythings. This style of writing is supposed to be messy. You don’t write it to come back and re-read it. (Of course you can, if you want to!)

How I write differs depending on my mood. I noticed that I start off writing about the weather quite often. That’s because I look outside of windows before I hold a pen.
Sometimes I ask myself question like, “How do I feel right now?” Then I answer the question by writing. When I don’t know what to write because my mind is too messy, I write affirmations down and fill a page with it. Other times, I make lists of things I’m grateful for.
When I feel down or upset about someone/something, I spit it out by writing how I felt.
Since you’re supposed to be very honest when you write your stream of consciousness, what you put into words get ugly and quite negative. That’s okay! I can assure you that you will feel much better after that! It’s a lot better than keep holding those negative feelings inside you, don’t you think? 🙂

Oh! What I use is a normal A4 size notebook which I got in Japan way too long ago.

And inside looks like this.

(Disclaimer! I edited my picture to make it pretty blurry because it’s a mess!! Also, most importantly, because it’s very private. )

Do you keep your journals? Do you write this kind of style? Do you like it?

I hope you enjoy this blog entry as much as I enjoyed writing it. 🙂

See you soon!


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